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We’ve designed each of our premium outdoor furniture collections to be loved and last for years to come. So, with just a little TLC, you can keep your outdoor furniture looking its best season after season. From our award-winning rattan, resin, rope and aluminium collections to our outdoor fabrics, discover how to care for your outdoor furniture using our helpful tips.



For general furniture maintenance, remove any cushions and brush away loose debris such as leaves, bird droppings or food, then clean with a soft brush and warm soapy water. Rinse with clean water to finish. No matter which furniture you invest in, we recommend using furniture covers during the winter for extra peace of mind against harsh weather.


Our All Seasons Collections use the highest quality rattan handwoven around aluminium frames. For general maintenance, clean using a cloth and warm soapy water or with our Woven Cleaner. If you're looking to give your outdoor furniture a particularly powerful clean, jet wash from a distance on a low setting then leave to dry. All Seasons Collections are also supplied with our Fully Waterproof Cushions - for full instructions on taking care of yours, take a look at our Waterproof Cushion Care Guide.


Wickerline Rattan is our mid-market range which offers great value for money. Although not as strong as our All Seasons Collections, this rattan can be cleaned in much the same way using warm soapy water and leaving to dry thoroughly. To prevent fading and sun bleaching if left uncovered for years, especially if positioned in a strong sunspot, cover when not in use. Each set is supplied with our standard cushions - read on to find out more about taking care of yours.


    • Ascot Collection


Outdoor fabric upholstery furniture requires very little maintenance. During a downpour, position sofa cushions properly to allow proper drainaige - the back cushion should be nested behind the seat cushion with the cushion vent on the sofa. Please note that although the cushions on each Ascot sofa are completely waterproof, the fabric on the frames is water-resistant so should be covered for extra protection. To clean, simply hand wash your sofa or footstool using lukewarm water with a mild liquid soap. It is also worth noting that nail varnish is one of the few stains unable to be removed. Do not attempt to remove using nail varnish remover as this will damage the fabric further.


For light marking, wipe the rope or metal clean using warm soapy water.

To give your furniture a particularly powerful clean, jet wash from a distance on a low setting then leave to dry. Make sure to keep a good distance to not affect the rope fibres.



    • Sorrento Collection
    • Florence Collection

For general maintenance, clean the aluminium using a cloth and warm soapy water then dry with a soft, non-scratch cloth. The Texteline parts of the Florence Collection can also be cleaned using our Woven Cleaner.


    • Paris Collection

    • Remy Collection

To clean resin and Texteline, wash with a gentle dish soap and warm water, then thoroughly rinse and ensure it dries completely. Texteline can also be cleaned using our Woven Cleaner. If these methods don't remove all staining, contact our Customer Service team.


Our teak furniture can be cleaned with careful use of a jet wash on a low setting at a distance. Leave to dry thoroughly for at least 48 hours, then run your hands gently over the wood and rub down any raised patches with a low grit sandpaper. At this stage, you may choose to apply our Waterbased Treatment onto the newly cleaned timber or leave it to turn a natural silver, grey colour. Any application used will not affect the lifespan of the furniture, it is merely a cosmetic finish.



We developed and refined our exclusive Fully Waterproof Cushions, the only ones of their kind, over six years to ensure resistance to stains, spillages and the erratic English weather. Each cushion has been tested against red wine, coffee and even pure bleach stains and can remain outside all year round, come rain or shine. Both uniquely practical and sumptuously soft, the cushions are filled with a supportive foam that ensures unmatched comfort you simply won’t find anywhere else. For full instructions on taking care of yours, take a look at our Waterproof Cushion Care Guide.


Some of our collections come with our standard, non-waterproof cushions. These are machine washable as per the tags specifications. If left out in the rain, they will get water marks which can often be removed simply by machine washing. To prevent fading, ensure that your cushions aren't left out in the sun for extended periods.


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